Today’s Reading: Dealing with Internet Overload

Good morning, my dears! I hope everyone is doing well today. With all the horrible, terrible, awful news in the world happening right now, just being happy seems like a revolutionary act. With that in mind, today’s reading is about how to deal with information and far-flung disaster overload: what to do about it in an active sense, and what to release because it’s out of our control. Let’s have a look.

earth shattering kaboom

Oh wait… No, that’s not it (no matter how much we want to deliver an Earth-shattering kaboom to some people). 😉

Ah! here we go:

cards 7-24-14

On the left (you’ll see I’m using The Light and Shadow Tarot here) we have the 9 of Pentacles on the side of what we can do actively to protect ourselves against Internet overload. This is a card of great discernment and choice, and of celebration in knowing that you are creating the best things for yourself. Choose how you want your world to be; in this example, I am choosing to disconnect myself as much as possible today from Facebook and Twitter, not because either of those outlets are inherently bad. They’re not. It’s just that they’re doorways into the world, and as we know, all doors function both to let me out and to let the outside in. And that’s what’s happening in my own reality: I’ve lost control of my Inner Bouncer, and therefore all kinds of negativity and chaos is making its way into my life because I’m not using choice and discernment to keep it out. I’ve worked hard to create the life I have now, and so I imagine have you all. So let’s not let the madness around things over which we have no control and about which we can do nothing have any more space in our precious lives. Get that Inner Bouncer some Red Bull and wake her up!

On the right we have the reversed King of Swords. This position is representing what we must release in order to protect ourselves. The King of Swords is the master of the realm of air, the power and energy of the element itself made manifest. We wouldn’t be far off the mark in associating him with the Internet itself because of its seeming nature as hive “mind,” and in this case, he’s reversed. The Hive Mind is out of control and it’s best to just release it today. This is a validation of the desire to remove from it, and perhaps to engage in more outdoor activities like the figure in the 9 of Pentacles on the left: go play in the sun, and let the crazy news day pass. Planes will crash in this world, religio-political armies will enforce their will on weak and undefended populi, species will go extinct, pollution will leach into the oceans and the air, just as they always have. We can’t stop these things, even if we tried. Many of us do try because it is in our nature to help, to care, to want to rescue what needs so desperately to be rescued. But here’s the thing: what needs rescuing right now, and what we actually can rescue, is our own sense of inner peace and stability. It’s not as sexy or as sound-bite worthy as ranting about ISIS (believe me, I tried that myself this morning). But it’s what needs to happen right now. It’s what the world needs: more of us at peace in our lives. So let go of what you can’t control, and direct your amazing mind to what you can control: yourself.


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