Today’s Reading: What to take with you, what to leave behind

Good afternoon, dears!

Today’s reading is a simple two-card exploration that seems so relevant in summer: what do I take with me on my travels, and what do I leave behind? We’re using The Light and Shadow Tarot by Michael Goepferd and Brian Williams, a remarkable deck of block woodcuts that I’m finding wonderfully chatty these days.


The card on the left is what we should take with us before we go anywhere: The Queen of Cups. We must bring our own intuition, our best wisdom, and our loving faith in the wisdom we receive from Source. Don’t leave home without it. Seriously, you guys. If you can’t trust yourself, you’re not going to be able to trust anybody else. The Queen here represents your conduit to the Divine, your spark of the Sacred that you are never really without. Tap into it, and receive the wisdom it has to offer. Also don’t forget your heart: the Queen rules the realm of human emotion, so pay attention to why you’re going where you’re going. Are you running away from something, or toward something else?

The card on the right is what we should leave behind when we go: The Six of Swords reversed. When upright, this card is about movement between places (either physical or metaphorical), of leaving one situation behind and moving on into something new. So when reversed, the card can mean a stuckness, a rigidity that blocks flow and movement. Essentially the traveler’s boat has gotten stuck in the middle of the river and isn’t going anywhere. Taken with the Queen of Cups, whose element is water, it’s safe to say that we are encouraged to leave the boat entirely and immerse ourselves in the emotional waters of our lives right now. Just jump right out of that stupid stuck boat and swim to shore. The Queen is on your side to help you through the turmoil of the waters you’re in, and as the Navigator of the Six of Swords, you’ve got the tools you need to figure out where you’re going and how to get there. The critical piece of advice is to keep swimming, my friends. Don’t stop, or you’ll sink. Just keep swimming. 🙂

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