We’re back! And with a reading, too!

Good morning, friends. I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. It’s been an upheaval-y kind of quarter, and I’ve been working on getting my feet back under me. Hooray! So let’s get right back into the readings. Today’s cards are from Robert Place and Rachel Pollack’s fabulous new Burning Serpent Oracle. It’s a Lenormand deck, so the reading will naturally be to the point and clear (if not necessarily simple 😉 ).


The Burning Serpent Oracle

The question I asked was an easy one: Show me what I need to know today. You’re always sort of taking your chances with readings like this because the cards can either come back very vague and drifting, or they can come back like a cosmic frying pan to the head, as this one is. Like the cards are saying, “Thanks for asking, stupid! Now pay attention!” So let’s look at what’s written on the underside of this particular frying pan.

The card on the left is Isis. In The Burning Serpent Oracle, Isis represents the highest self of the Woman (29) card. She is all about the best potential of the Woman/female energies, and also about doing what nobody else can do, of making the impossible possible. The Key (33) heightens the karmic resonance of this reading because it represents unlocking the mysteries and of making something clear or coming to a resolution about something that wasn’t clear or possible before. So it’s not only in our best interests to pay attention to signs around us today and work toward uncovering our life purpose, but it’s critical to pay attention to what’s smack in the middle: The Mice (23). What’s in between you and your highest good? Worry. Stress. Those little niggling freakout anxiety attacks that keep you up at night. Fuck ’em. Seriously. Stop worrying. Breathe through the panic and anxiety and just let it flow. Don’t hang onto it or make it into something it’s not. Notice it, call an exterminator (or find a way to humanely move the little meeces outside where they belong), and get them out of the way of that Key. You are what’s in the way of understanding (and when I say “you,” yes, I mean “me” too). So let’s work on getting those Mice back outside where they belong today, ok? Meditation, mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, noticing what’s around you. That’s a good start.

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