Reading: Finding Our Own Best Beauty

Good afternoon, friends! Today’s two-card reading was inspired by my reaction to the Academy Awards last night. Well, honestly, it was more inspired by all the beautiful people in the audience and how un-beautiful I sometimes feel in comparison. There’s a great deal of self-image sensitivity going on over here at MusesDarling Industries, and we do our best to get ourselves past it by recognizing and reminding ourselves of our own inimitable, unique, and timeless beauties; we also remind ourselves of voices to which we must not listen, because these are the voices of destruction and doubt. These voices (almost always in our own heads, but also coming at us from the larger world) tell us what we need to do or be in order to be considered one of the beautiful people, and you can imagine how quickly and with what vehemence we need to silence those voices. So that’s what today’s reading is about, my dears. The card on the left is the source of our own true, best beauty, and the card on the right is the voice to which we must not listen, the voice which we must ignore to see how beautiful we really are.


Our best beauty (the Page of Disks) can be found in our own enthusiasm, our inner spark. You know how somebody just lights up a room when they start talking about something that matters to them? Well, that’s the idea here. What are you passionate about? Where is your enthusiasm? Because that’s where your beauty is. You shine when you talk or even think about what you love, and it has nothing to do with what color eyes you have or what color skin, or whether you’re pear-shaped or willowy or short-waisted or have a skin condition or dark hair on your arms or whether or not you shave any of your body parts or if you have freckles or psoriasis or are in a wheelchair or on crutches, whether you like men or women or both or neither, whether you prefer monogamy or polyamory or some other way. None of that matters, because you are gorgeous when you’re on fire from within. So stoke that fire, people! Get worked up! Do your thing, and be your best, brightest selves. People will notice you, I promise.

What we need to stop listening to (The Devil, reversed) is that voice from outside telling us of the supremacy of the Other (this is the ever-present, insidious voice whispering at us until we start whispering it to ourselves). Do you think other people are better than you? Stop it. Do you think they’re prettier or handsomer or know more or do better? Stop it. They don’t. We’ve got a masterfully fucked up way of measuring success in this society, and the game is rigged from the start. For some reason, I’ve been fascinated with the gowns being presented by designers during Fashion Week in New York. They’re beautiful, bold, colorful, and evocative. But a few days ago I read a blog written by a model about her experiences during Fashion Week, and now I’m seeing more of the women wearing the gowns. They all look so flat, so painfully thin and empty, even though as models they are held up as the most beautiful women in the world. Is that what physical female beauty is? Because that voice of Other says so. It’s the voice that says we are never enough: not thin enough, not white enough, not pretty enough, not good enough. Well, fuck that, people. That voice has GOT to go because now is the time that women are coming forward in the world. Now is the time when the Sacred Feminine is coming out to end the destructive arc of the last few thousand years of patriarchy, and She has no time to be worried about Her weight or whether or not She shaved Her legs or whether Her curves will allow Her to fit into what the dominant paradigm thinks She should wear. Fuck that. She’s coming out to give the rest of us permission to do the same. You are beautiful and perfect exactly as you are, right now, with all your freckles and dark or light patches and fat and hair and knuckles and skin colors of all shades. You are perfect already, including your flaws. Welcome to the new paradigm.


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