Reading: Shield and Forgive

So, you know those days you have when you want to smack people upside their heads because they seem to be doing random stupid things all over the place and you just can’t avoid them? You start to wonder about the future of the human race because of all the random knuckleheadedness, and you think, “No. I will save humanity. I will be the holdout for common sense and not doing stupid things, and humanity will not perish from the Earth. You’re welcome, pinheads.” And you feel better, but still people keep doing these things like not using their turn signals while driving in the rain, or leaving a $6,000 handbag unattended because of all the text messages and Tweets that and then wondering how the handbag went missing, or even spending $6,000 on a purse in the first place (although we over here at MusesDarling Industries do not judge). The truth is that people will continue to behave in ways that we do not like, or that we think is inappropriate or crazy or stupid, and railing against it is only going to make us crazy and cranky and give us a reputation for being the mean old man on Scooby Doo who yells at Scooby and the gang to get off his lawn. So let’s be more proactive, and turn to our friend the Tarot, who can help us with these things.


As you know, we here over at MusesDarling Industries are great fans of the two-card spread. You can make almost anything into a two-card spread, and you can further link two-card spreads into larger spreads if it suits your purposes. For us today, though, we’re looking at what to use as a “Shield” (the card on the left) and what to “Forgive” (the card on the right). The shield is all about protecting ourselves from the random waves of stupidity that wash through the modern world with alarming regularity, and the forgiveness is all about letting go what we can’t control and others can’t change. So let’s look at what we have here.

Our shield is the reversed Sun. I like this a lot, actually. The Sun is all about being in the open, out in the clear, being where you can see everything and everything can see you. But in its reversed state, the card is counseling being more in a hiding mode. Stealth, people. Brush up on those ninja moves, and do your best to stay out of the front lines. You don’t need everybody to know where you are and what you’re doing, and in fact it’s probably a great deal better for you if they don’t. Keep your own counsel, and use this rare occasion to hide your light and your fabulousness under that proverbial bushel. You’ve been making yourself a target for some nasty energy, so let’s throw it off your trail by making you a lot less visible.

The forgiveness card is the reversed 8 of Wands, and it’s about the pace at which we move in this world. Society moves at the speed of light these days, or faster, and we tend to do whatever we can to keep up with it. We drive faster, we cut corners on following the rules (come on, admit it: you read texts on your iDevice while in traffic or at a stoplight), we tailgate other drivers who are not going fast enough to suit us, we sigh loudly when the person ahead of us in line at the Wholly Smug Grocery starts asking questions about kombucha or GMOs in soy as they unpack their $13-pound roasted almonds. Come on, now. The truth (or, actually, one way of looking at the truth) is that we’re all moving too fast, and we’re pushing each other to move even faster. Dangerously so.  So the opportunity here is to calm down, slow down, and realize that you don’t have to move at the speed of your Twitter feed. You are not a slave to your electronics. And be ready to forgive yourself: as Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Boot Camp) says, “Two weeks of vacation to offset a year’s worth of stress isn’t enough. If you stress daily, you need to de-stress daily; it’s that simple.” These things take time and attention. So breathe, pay attention, and slow down.


  1. Thanks so much for this message today, Karen! I feel better NOT being on the roads and hiding from the dummies who are actually speeding up on the road today 😦


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