Reading for today: Action and Emotion


Good afternoon, my dears! Today’s spread is a simple one, but there’s some depth to it as you’ll see. I’m looking at Actions to Take (the card on the left) and Emotion to Sit With (the card on the right). Sometimes sitting with an emotion can be the more difficult task, but we’re called to do it because whatever the emotional reality is, sitting with it will help us come to understand it and our relationship to it. How do we do with grief? Or one of the big ones for me is how do I do with anger? Anger makes me want to leap into action because I can’t stand sitting idle with all that fire. But that’s the thing: once I do sit with all that fire, I realize that what began as anger has morphed into grief. All that fire has been quenched by the tears that come with profound grief. That’s not always the process for me; sometimes anger remains as sublime pissed-off-ness, and it goads me into action. But if the anger is merely masking grief, then I need to know that before I haul off and do something stupid, like act on an emotion that isn’t real.

Today’s cards are from the divine Deviant Moon Tarot (Borderless Edition). The Action to Take card on the left is the reversed Six of Pentacles. This card is often thought of as the Philanthropist: the giver tosses coins to the receiver who in this deck is a spirit of the dead. In its reversed state, the card seems to indicate selfishness, or a preserving of resources. Hanging on to what you have, and don’t be so quick to throw it away. Cherish your resources, or at least make sure you have a good sense of the value of money and other material things. Don’t be a tool, but also don’t be a fool.

The Emotion to Sit With card is the Two of Cups. Oh man alive, people. Can you sit with love? Can you really sit down with your partner or lover or even your best friend and just look at each other? Can you bear to be that emotionally vulnerable for even five goddamn minutes? It’s not easy! No distractions, no talking, no looking away. Just be who you are in the presence of someone else being who they are. Consider it your homework, my darlings. Give it a try, and if you can’t do it for five minutes, or if you’re too shy, that’s ok too. Try it with yourself: stand looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror for five minutes. No looking away. Notice what you do to distract yourself, and how long it takes before you start to cry. Bonus points if you are able to do this naked, to really see yourself (and your partner if you’re doing it with another person). And when you’re done, give yourself a huge round of applause for being a fully present human who is awake to love.

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