Draw of the Day: Energy, Advice, Action

photoGood morning, friends! Today’s spread is a simple “Energy, Advice, Action” spread. The Energy for the day is sweet and faithful, and a reminder to have hope. Giving in to despair is the disease of the modern age, and we must fight against it every day. I know that sounds like a platitude and I apologize for it, but I believe in its simple truth. Hope enables us to hang on when we otherwise have no reason to. Hang onto life, and find a way to believe in something larger than yourself. Bless others, even if you feel like you’re at the bottom of the wishing well yourself. You have power, whether you realize it or not, and today’s Star invites you to remember it.

In the Advice position is the Moon. Keep your own counsel, my dears. Go deep and look at (and listen to) what you find. The Moon is a place of many secrets, so it’s important to keep your feet while you navigate its regions and boundaries. It’s easier than you might think to get lost in the hype. Remember what’s true for you and what’s real, because everything looks different in the moonlight. People change allegiances, safe ground becomes treacherous, and what you thought you knew becomes only yesterday’s mistakes and lies. Hanging onto the faith and hope of the Star to guide you is important when you travel in the realms of the Moon.

In the Action position we have the Knight of Disks. Great strength is available to you, and a great awareness of the magical potential you possess. Be willing to work at it, though. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Thinking isn’t going to get anything done (just ask the myriad novels and plays I’ve got still stuck in my head because I haven’t worked out how to get them out). Hard work is the ticket, so you might as well get used to it. Pick your metaphor: nose to the grindstone, hands on the wheel, pedal to the metal, and on and on. Channel whatever anxiety you have into the work itself. Let it fuel you. Only just begin. You are the tip of your own magical iceberg, my dears, and don’t you dare forget it.


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