Card of the Day: Three of Wands

Good morning, my dears! Today’s card of the day is the Three of Wands. Yesterday’s Ace of Wands has moved from the realm of inspiration into the realm of actual doing. Now is the time to get moving. Take action on your dreams and passions, and do what you’ve been planning to do all along. Get moving! Let the impetus of your desires carry you along when things get bumpy–and they will. It’s the nature of things. In my Pinterest Personal Pop Culture Tarot, the image I use to represent the energy of the Three of Wands is of a young Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They’ve just begun their journey at Hogwarts, and they have yet to face the worst, but they are confident of their path and their connection to one another. The dice are rolling, and they are more than ready to step up and play their parts when called upon to do so. They are ready to act. Are you? Because the cards are saying, Now please!

PCT Three Wands RWS Three Wands

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