Card of the Day: Ace of Wands

Good morning, my dears! Today’s card of the day is the Ace of Wands. Create! Begin! Get moving, mister (and missus)! Consider this your great cosmic YES. The Universe is telling you to move on that notion or idea. Take the first step, and don’t worry about being afraid, if you are afraid. There’s time for fear later, and now is not it. Now is the time to take the first step you’ve envisioned, and to breathe life into that project you’ve been waiting on starting for so long. In my Pop Culture Tarot on Pinterest, I’ve made Gandalf the Ace of Wands. This is not just because he carries the wand to end all wands (with apologies to Harry Potter and the Elder Wand). I chose Gandalf because it is his action that begins the entire story: he uses his staff to carve the runes  into Bilbo Baggins’s beautiful green door that draw the dwarves in, thus beginning one of the greatest adventures in twentieth-century literature. So pick up your wand, your staff, your great stick of creation and start carving. What adventure will you begin today?

RWS Ace of Wands PCT Ace of Wands

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