Card of the Day: Temperance (Reversed)

Good morning, friends! Today’s card of the day is Temperance Reversed. Things are out of balance, out of whack. This isn’t a surprise given that Mercury is doing it’s whackadoodle dance in the sky right now, so things are getting confused, mixed up, messed up, or treated in ways that are outside the norm. I’m not one of those who believes that Mercury Retrograde is always bad, nor do I believe that just because the planet is moving around up there in a way that appears backwards to us does it follow that things will be backwards for us down here. Mercury only appears to move backwards when it’s in Retrograde because of our relative planetary positions. It doesn’t actually move backwards. That’s the illusion, and perhaps the message to take from reversed Temperance: take a good look at things in your life right now and don’t focus on the mixing. Focus instead on the separate ingredients. Look at things to see if you can see what they really are independent of outside influences. Something is not working properly. Something is out of balance. Look again at your recipe and make sure you’re not overlooking something. Step outside your normal way of doing things and take a different (perhaps backwards) view to see what you might be missing.

This is the Temperance card (reversed), both from the Rider Waite Smith deck and from my own Pinterest-based pop culture Tarot:


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