Cards of the day (The Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince)

Today’s cards are about passion, fortune, and manifestation.

The passion is where it all begins. The fire. This is where we find out what we truly love, what moves us, what makes us do what we want or need to do. What is your fire? What turns you on? Where do you see the face of god or the goddess staring at you, DARING you to back down and away from your given purpose? Look at Pele, the Amazon of Fire. Look into those coal-black eyes and feel the heat surrounding you. What is She trying to tell you? What does She want from you? What does the world need from you?

Now look at Fortuna, the Wheel of Fortune. Wherever you are in your life, you’re on the Wheel. You may be heading upwards or downwards, or sitting at the very top or languishing at the very bottom. Close your eyes and feel it. You’re moving. Nothing lasts forever, not the greatest joy or the worst despair. Not even Death ends the Wheel. You’re on it and you’ve been on it since the Cosmic Intelligence dreamed you up and manifested you into Spirit. So it is and so it will be with your fire, your purpose. If you are in the doldrums now, at the bottom of the Wheel, it’s ok. Wait. You are still on fire. Bank your coals and wait for your energy to come back. If it does not, and sometimes that in itself is the test, then summon your courage and break out your inner bellows. Get that fire going again yourself. Imagine what’s can happen when the Wheel is fired up by your own creative power.

Once you feel the Wheel moving and are mindful of your own strength and purpose, pick one. Purpose, that is. We’ve all got tons of great ideas, tons of unwritten novels or books of poetry, movies, projects, business ideas, and other ways to add our energy to the world. That’s wonderful, truly. The world needs great ideas. But you can’t do them all at once. Trust me, this is the voice of experience talking. I’ve currently got three big stories jostling around in my frontal lobe, and all are clamoring for my attention. So you know what I do? I spend my free evenings watching “The Tudors” on Netflix because I’m frozen into inaction. That has to stop happening, and writing this to you today is part of how I’m making it stop: the wisdom for me, and maybe for you, is to just pick one thing. Out of all the great ideas, just one. We’ll do it together, ok? And it will be fine. All the other ideas won’t get lonely, they won’t wither and die. They’ll wait their turn because they have to. So let’s pick one and use the power of The Magician to manifest it. Pull your mighty power (which you do have, by the way) from the heavens, from your Spirit Self, and pour it into manifesting this one thing. Do the work and don’t be afraid. Call on the elements, call on your helpers, call on yourself. Make lists, then do what’s on the lists. One thing at a time, of course—one small thing each day—and you will manifest your fire. Use your magic, my friends, and don’t tell me you don’t have it because I will come find you and smack you upside the head if you do. We’re all magic and we were all born that way. So let’s start acting like it.

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